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Poo Poo Point

Last hike of the year

Story by Dan Bretl January 15th, 2017

two years in seattle

Catie and I recently passed our two year mark in Seattle since moving from New York City so that I could pursue a job opportunity at Amazon. Two years is actually the longest we've ever lived continuously in the same place since we graduated college (a decade ago). Our twenties were a nomadic time - Bronxville, Manhattan, Bangladesh, Alaska, France, Brooklyn, Chicago, and Brooklyn again. It's strange to have no plans of moving anytime soon. I still don't feel like I know Seattle nearly as well as I did NYC, but I do feel at home here and like I could be happy in this part of the country for quite a while. The access to outdoors is incredible, and yet it's still a legit city with great food, art, music, and seemingly enough tech and non-profit work to keep me and Catie busy for a while.

To say farewell to the year 2016, Catie and I decided to take the dogs up the west side of Tiger Mountain to Poo Poo Point. This was actually the third time we'd made the short but steep ascent. There are so many hikes we've taken in Washington over the last couple years that I loved and photographed and haven't yet found the time to share. It's a problem I don't know how to solve. Hopefully Prime Photos (the product I work on) will be able to do all my photo organization and selection and editing for me someday soon...


The trail up to Poo Poo Point is a pretty magical place. All the trees are covered in moss, and much of the trail is natural stone steps. This time up, we found a tiny trickling waterfall a short distance from the trailhead.


After a little while, the air started to turn foggy. Soon after that it started to rain, and then finally the rain turned into snow!


I haven't been in a snowy rainforest since I was in Tasmania (well over a decade ago) while I was studying abroad in Australia. It's a strange and beautiful sight.


When we got to the first lookout, we were blasted with an intense horizontal snow. Catie loves that sort of wind (I guess it's an Anchorage thing), so she basked in the chaos.

We didn't spend too much time at the top since we wanted start the descent while there was still at least a little light left. (The sun is setting well before 5pm these days.) I was just happy that we got out on the last day of the year. Time flies by fast, and I want to make the most of Washington while we're here.

Poo Poo Point Trailhead, Issaquah, WA, United States